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The following Servicing can be carried out on the Caravan Service or Trailer Service

- Full Bearing Service and seal replacement (Wash, Clean and Re-Pack) 

- Lubricate all suspension components 

- Lubricate all Hinges and Locks 

- Lubricate all Moving Chassis components

- Hot Water System Servicing, Cleaning of the tank and replace anode


Mechanical Checks and Caravan Service Items 
All Safety and Roadworthy Items - Running Lights, Tyres, Brakes, Bearings and Chassis components.

Identification (Compliance Plate)


Stop Lights

Tail Lights 


Clearance Lights

Number Plate Height Below 1.3m


Tyres – Cracks in Tread / side wall

Tyres – Tread Condition

Spare tyre 

Floor (underbody)


Inner Bearing Seals

Break away system

Brake Operation

Brake adjustment 

Drums or Discs

Brake Shoes or Pads

Handbrake Operation


Shock absorbers 


Safety Chains

Load rated D shackles 

Chassis – A frame

Chassis – Front under body

Chassis – Middle under body

Chassis – Rear under body

Gas Compliance and Caravan Service Checks 

All Gas Safety Items - Appliance Testing, Pressure Testing, Gas Tightness Testing, Thermo-couple Testing 

Gas Compliance AS5601 - Part 2

Appliance Operation - Cooker

Appliance Operation - Fridge

Appliance Operation - Hot Water

Hot Water System Anode Replacement 

Appliance Operation - Bayonet 

Appliance Operation - Space Heater

Gas Test Point Fitment

2 stage regulator with OPP

Gas Tightness

Regulator Running Pressure

Ventilation for appliances 

Warning Labels

Gas lines secured properly 

Bottles Secured properly 

Gas bottle storage

General Caravan Service Lubrication 

Hot Water System



Wind down Legs

Jockey Wheel

Hitch / Coupling

Components on A-Frame

Hand Brake Cable

Gas Regulator

Wheel Nut Studs

Braking Components in Drum


Mobile Caravan Servicing at an affordable price, and We come to you!

Mobile Caravan Service Brisbane Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

The following Servicing can be carried out on the Caravan or Trailer 
- Full Bearing Service and seal replacement (Wash, Clean 

and Re-Pack) as per the photo to the right.
- Lubricate all suspension components
- Lubricate all Hinges and Locks
- Lubricate all Moving Chassis components
- Hot Water System Servicing, Cleaning of the tank and replace annode

Requirements for the Mobile Caravan Service and Trailer Service

- Caravan or Trailer must be on flat and level ground, as per OHS Requirements (Preferably on concrete)

- Onsite power plugged into the Caravan

- If the Caravan Is fitted with a hot water system, have the mains water plugged into the Caravan

Mobile Caravan Service Brisbane Gold Coast Sunshine Coast
Mobile Boat Trailer Bearing Service
Camper Trailer service Bearing and Brake Service

Caravan HOT WATER SYSTEM SERVICING "Done the right way"

NOTES FOR THE SUBURBAN SW6DEA and SW6DA, this is commonly used in most caravans.

Note - Truma and Atwood Caravan Hot Water Systems do not require anode replacements.

- Caravan Hot Water System Servicing requires the tank to be flushed clean and re commissioned with a new anode every year regardless whether you use it or not.

- The system should never be left dry, it should always be full of water.

- Inox or WD40 should be used and lightly sprayed around the internals of the hot water system when not in use, to help prevent rust and corrosion.

- The Pressure relief valve should be opened to let air pockets out of the tank every time or every second time you use the system.

The Picture shows all the deposits washed out of this caravan hot water system just from 1 year usage (you can see the white powder like substance on the ground)

Caravan  Gas & Safety Certificates,  Roadworthy, Brisbane,
Caravan  Gas & Safety Certificates,  Roadworthy, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast
Caravan  Gas & Safety Certificates,  Roadworthy  Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast
Caravan  Gas & Safety Certificates,  Roadworthy, Brisbane Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Mobile Caravan Servicing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast 

Caravan, Boat Trailer Bearing Service

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Mobile Caravan Service Brisbane Gold Coast Sunshine Coast

Any of your Gas related issues we will be more than happy to help with.
Regulator Replacement
Test Point
Stainless Braided Gas Flex Line
Gas Fridge Servicing, 

As a Caravaner myself, the little things make a difference. Handy tips never go astray!
As shown in the photo below, having braided flexible pig tails left out in the weather is a no go. 

To prolong the life of them you must protect them.
Electrical Tape around the joins will support the line better and prevent leaks down the track, also having electrical conduit around the line to protect it from the elements will double the life of the line.

Caravan  Gas & Safety Certificates,  Roadworthy Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast
Caravan  Gas & Safety Certificates Roadworthy, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Caravan / Safety RWC and Gas Certificates

Caravan / Camper Trailer RWC and Gas Certificate, 

Caravan Safety / Roadworthy Certificate, Roadworthy & Gas Inspections or Mobile Caravan Service

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